Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jack Black and the Fusion

That should be the name of a band.  But really, it's just about the barn cat and my new car.  Jack would occasionally climb up on my old car and sit on the roof for a little while.  But with my new car...he had to thoroughly examine every inch of it.  I believe it met with his approval.

First he had to walk all around the outside, trying to find the best place to jump up.  

Then, he had to explore every inch of the car.  
I really don't understand how he managed to walk along the side windows...brave cat!
I was highly entertained by this whole performance, by the way.  I took about 100 photos...
Meanwhile, pony was happily inhaling grass.

Back to the show.
After exploring for awhile, Jack settled on top of the trunk and rolled around for awhile.

Then he went back across the top of the car to sit on the hood and watch the birds.

He's so photogenic...

I'm really not a cat person...but this was fun & amusing.

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