Sunday, April 7, 2013

One Week til the Race-Craziness

Next weekend is the Hospice Care 10k that is held during Lewisburg's Chocolate Festival every year.  It is the only 10k I've ever run, but I suppose this will be my 5th year running it!  So far, it is my worst race.  I guess there's just something about that 10k distance...too long for my 5k sprint pace, but too short to get away with half marathon pace.  I did manage to take 8 minutes off my time last year though, so there's hope. This year's goal = finish in less than 40 minutes.  Last year I finished in 40:25, so I guess I'm not setting the bar very high.  But still, that is around my 5k pace, and I'm trying to hold it for twice the distance.  Yikes.

The weekend after the 10k, is the Blue Ridge 1/2, and the weekend after that is the Greenbrier River Race.  April is a busy month for racing!  And last year it took me awhile to recover from that 3-in-a-row.  I'll have a little extra recovery time this year, since I'm not doing a May race.  I'll have 2 races in June though.

This Week:
M: off
T: 5.56 / 40:13 / 7:13
W: 6.13 / 46:31 / 7:35
R: 6.3 / 45:17 / 7:11 
F: 12.16 / 1:35:14 / 7:49
Sa: 4.7 / 35:20 / 7:31
Su: 3.9 / 30:34 / 7:50
total : 38.75

This is the third week in a row that I didn't manage to get 40 miles in.  I should probably just be happy with 35 a week, it appears that there is not enough energy or hours in the day to accomplish 40 miles a week.  I got close this week, but despite how great Friday's run felt at the time, it wiped me out.  I had very little energy on Saturday, and not much today either.  I should have taken today off, but I know I'm taking tomorrow off because it's a super busy day. So I made today's run a short easy jog.  Besides, it's hard not to run when the temp is actually above freezing and the sun is shining!

In other news, I have now worn my new shoes for 4 days in a row and I haven't developed any random new pains.  Hooray!  If they make it another week with no problems I might have to go buy 3 or 4 pairs to keep me going for awhile...

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