Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rest/Recovery Week

I did not intend for this to be as much of a rest/recovery week as it was, but I clearly overdid it last weekend, and paid for it this week.  I took Monday off because I knew beyond a doubt that I needed to.  I ran on Tuesday, but felt very low energy and had to keep it short and slow.  I took Wednesday off since Tuesday's run felt so bad, but I felt bad again during my Thursday run.  So I kept it even shorter and slower on Friday, and then I had a race today.  Luckily, race-day adrenaline pulled through for me and I raced well, although I was 22 seconds slower than the PR I set last year.  I was in 2nd place for most of the race, but I caught 1st place just before the start of the last mile, and then I took off and flew through the last mile.  The girl I passed beat me easily last year, but apparently was not feeling good today.  I could hear her trying to keep up with me when I first passed her, but soon I couldn't hear her anymore, and somebody told me later that she finished quite a ways behind me.

The hardest part of the race was the first mile, we were running directly into the wind.  I would like to blame the wind for the fact that my time was slower this year compared to last year...

This Week:
M: rest
T : 4.7 / 36:09 / 7:41
W : rest
R : 4.7 / 35:31 / 7:33
F : 2.73 / 21:43 / 7:57
Sa : 10k race / 40:47 / 6:34
Su : rest
total : 18.33

Definitely my lowest mileage week in a long time, but I clearly needed it.  I expect this coming week will be low as well, since I really want to do well in the Blue Ridge 1/2 next Saturday.  I strained something in right quad during a PE class on Friday, and it is bothering me quite a bit today, so I expect I will take quite a few days off this week to rest up for the race.  

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