Sunday, February 3, 2013

Crunch-time Training Week

The last week I can do anything big before the race.  I will continue running next week, but won't be pushing for high mileage anymore.

This week's plan:
M - 4
T - 8 GRT (River Trail, flat)
W - 5
R - 4
F - 4
Sa - 15 (not sure if this will happen...)
Su - off

MONDAY : 5.56 / 44:17 / 7:57
I got up at 5 this morning to run because I have school and meetings almost non-stop until 9 tonight.  I checked the weather last night and it looked like it would be clear, and not too far below freezing.  I woke up to the sound of rain.  28 degrees and rain.  The roads were covered in a thin layer of slushy mess, but I wore my waterproof/traction-y shoes and managed to stay on my feet the whole time.  The rain let up about half-way through my run.

TUESDAY : 9.45 / 1:13:11 / 7:44
Not the 8 flat miles I had planned, but I enjoyed this run much more than I would have enjoyed that one.  It was in the 60s and gorgeous out, and I knew it would be chillier on the sheltered river trail. It also probably would have been a crowded day on the river trail.  So I ran around town where I could enjoy the sunshine and not deal with lots of people/dogs in my way.

WEDNESDAY : 4.51 / 36:20 / 8:03
Temps in the high 50s or low 60s.  Pouring rain.  Ran around town with a coworker.

4th long day in a row at school. Been getting up before 6, getting to school around 7:15, and staying late every day.  Today I didn't get home til 5:45, it was bitterly cold outside, and I just didn't have any energy left to use for a run.

FRIDAY : 5.56 / 43:47 / 7:52
Snow day!  I'm so glad, because it was going to be another very long day at school and I probably would not have been able to run.  Since I had the whole day off, I got to go for a nice run around lunchtime.  It was only 10 degrees out, and the roads were pretty icy/snowy, but it was nice to have the time/energy to run.

SATURDAY : 6.32 / 46:13 / 7:18
By far the best-feeling run this week. (And hence the fastest-paced)  It was 19 degrees and pouring snow, but my legs felt like they could keep going all afternoon.  Unfortunately, my face did not agree, so I called it quits after the 6+ mile loop.

SUNDAY : 4.7 / 36:05 / 7:40
Yet another run on snowy/slushy/messy roads.  I didn't have a whole lot of energy so I didn't bother trying for high mileage.  I am really missing last year's mild winter right about now!  Oh and guess what?  It's snowing. Again.

WEEK : 36.1 miles

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