Thursday, February 7, 2013

Less than 48 hours!

to the Cedar's Frostbite 1/2 on Saturday.

This Week's Plan / Reality:
M: 4 / 3.9
T: 5 / 4.25
W: 8 / 4.7
R: 5 / 4.7

Tomorrow will almost certainly be a day off.  But my old friend/enemy insomnia has been visiting this week, and if I wake up freakishly early again (3:15 Wednesday, 4:15 Thursday) I will run a few miles before heading to Tennessee.  

Today's run at 6 am was actually the best run I had all week.  I guess I had more energy since I'd only been up for a little while, instead of all day.  The last 2 weeks have involved very, very, long days at school, and it's just hard to find energy to run after that.  

After today's run, I feel slightly better about Saturday's race.  I still feel rather unprepared after missing out on my last 2 or 3 long runs, but I know I'm in shape.  Also, I'm super excited to run in shorts!  It may get "all the way" up to 60!  The race starts at 11 am, which is a little bit odd.  I like the idea of running later in the day so that it will be warmer out (and so I don't have to get out of bed super early to eat), but it means that my normal race-day ritual of getting up and eating a small breakfast 2 hrs pre-race won't work.  I'm still not exactly sure how I'm going to fuel for this race.  Normal breakfast around 8?  Running appropriate snack at 7 and "pre-race breakfast" at 9?  Vice versa?  I'll figure something out...

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