Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Panda Marshmallow

The wall behind my desk at school is covered with drawings and cards from students.  I sometimes refer to it as the "wall of love."  Younger students draw me pictures, older students write me things like this:

Today, an older student gave me this drawing, and insisted that I put it on my "love wall."  I hesitated to put something "violent" on a wall dedicated to love, but hey, it's all in good fun...right?

Speaking of marshmallows, where's the chocolate and graham crackers?

In other news, NO STABBING PAINS IN MY KNEE TODAY!  And I'm being responsible and taking today off anyway, other than a short arm/ab workout.  I am running tomorrow though.  Enough of this running-less existence.

Articles I read today:

When to retire running shoes

-Mine usually get retired between 200 and 400 miles.  Much more than that and my legs start getting aches and pains in random places.


- I like pasta.  I eat pasta.

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