Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trail Work Day

Hill and Holler, the bike shop I work at during the summer got a grant to build some new trails in the Greenbrier State Forest.  I was asked to come out and take some pictures of the progress they are making.  Yesterday was day 2 of 3 in a row that volunteers are spending out there making the new trail.  They have been meeting at 9 am.  I slept til about 10 yesterday (it feels so incredibly good to be able to do that after a few weeks of insomnia getting me up between 3 and 5 am every day!).  Once I made it out of bed and ate breakfast, I whipped up a batch of Ginger Craisin Cookies, boxed them up straight out of the oven, grabbed my camera, and headed out to the forest.  Once there, I followed the sounds of metal tools striking rock until I found everybody hard at work.  They appreciated the cookies, although there were some complaints that I didn't bring any milk to go with them...

I hiked along the portion of the trail that they created over the 2 days, it's pretty awesome!  It's a mostly flat trail, designed for beginners, and it will be a great warm-up trail to hit before tackling some of the steeper inclines.  It is also shaping up to be great for a potential cross-country course for the local schools.  

I would have loved to run some trails yesterday, but my knee is still feeling a bit funky and I just couldn't risk twisting it.  I had a 5 mile jog around town instead.  Hoping to get back to trail running soon though, now that the weather is getting warmer(?).

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