Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day off #3

I don't know how many more days I can stand this...I'm going through withdrawal.  And I have absolutely no idea why my knee has decided to feel completely fine most of the time, but randomly erupt in stabbing pains 3 or 4 times a day.  Pains which disappear as mysteriously as they appear.  I'm assuming it's related to the ridiculously tight muscle running from somewhere deep in my calf up to the back of my knee but seriously...time to stop hurting now.  I can't be a lean mean running machine if I'm not running!

A friend tried to massage the knot out of my calf muscle last night, but it was buried so deep he had a lot of trouble locating it by any means other than my gasps of pain whenever he put pressure on it.  Usually these painful massages make me feel worlds better the next day.  But this stubborn little muscle refuses to succumb to pressure.

I'm trying to be a responsible athlete and rest my leg until it is better, but this whole not-running-thing is so not fun.  I can feel all my other leg muscles dying from lack of use. (OK, not really, I'm just being dramatic.) But seriously, I have a half marathon in 2 months (and it involves a mountain, and it's my favorite race, and I really really want to win because I came in 2nd last year).  How am I supposed to build my endurance and train for this race if I can't run?

Yesterday I worked out arms and abs because I felt like I had to do something.  Today, it hurts to put on my coat.  I really should work out more often...

In other news, I'll stop ranting and show you some pictures I took around the apartment yesterday while I was bored.

Do you think my floor is scratched up enough?

This is the trophy I got at my last half marathon.  The eyes are hollow.  
It's really scary looking.  I hope I don't look quite that scary when I am running.

Maybe I should dust once in awhile?


I started working on this blanket my first winter in Lewisburg ('08-'09).
It is still not done.  It started as a baby blanket, and is currently big enough to cover my queen-sized bed.
It's almost done...I just recently got the 3 panels stitched together.  But I still need to finish the edges and hide all the strings...maybe next winter.  

I am slightly obsessed with reflections

And one last thing before I go...

Yogurt Muffins!
guaranteed to make your kitchen smell absolutely amazing

I'm looking forward to breakfast tomorrow!

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