Friday, February 8, 2013

Tennessee Part 1

Part 1: El Viaje

I left Lewisburg around 9:15.  It was 36 degrees and rainy.  
Not the most exciting start to a roadtrip.  

The rain continued, never getting too hard, but never quite stopping either, until I hit Tennessee.  Then I started seeing blue sky.  The sunniest part of the trip was Knoxville.  Where I was in stop & crawl traffic for 25 minutes.  So much stop time, I had time to get out my camera and snap a picture. 
The accident was at mile 372.  It was cleared by the time I got there.  

Unfortunately, it got really cloudy not too long after Knoxville. And it was in the 40s when I arrived in Lebanon.  I hope it's warmer tomorrow.
 Google told me the drive would take 6:41.  I stopped for 20-30 minutes for lunch at subway and to get gas.  And I didn't get to the hotel until 4:45.  My right leg cramped up in the first hour of driving.  
So that was a fun trip.   

King-sized bed just for me?  Sure, why not?  

Nice desk will make my broken chair at school seem that much worse when I return on Monday...

I carb-loaded in style with a Guinness for dinner.  And some prime-rib pasta.  
I had a Jameson for dessert.  

Pre-race dinner of champions. 
(I hope)

I've come in 2nd place in my last 3 half marathons.  I should win one, one of these days...

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