Thursday, March 21, 2013

1 month til Blue Ridge 1/2

Yesterday marked 1 month to go until the Blue Ridge Half.  I only ran 5.5 miles, but the day before, I had a good training run for this race.  I ran a 9.88 mile route with some very steep hills.  It took me 1:18:36.  Not too bad for a training run after a long day at school.  Also, there was VERY STRONG WIND.  So strong, it was blowing me off the road. (It also was strong enough to down some power lines...but I didn't really know that while I was running...I just knew that my hair was blowing around and trying to choke me.)   There was one point where the wind flung a swirling cloud of sand and gravel at me.  That was "fun."  But there was another point where the wind was pushing me up over the top of a very steep hill, so that was actually rather nice.  I probably won't get that assistance on Mill Mountain during the race.  That road is much more sheltered by trees than the route I ran yesterday... On the up side, Mill Mountain is also not as steep as the hills I ran yesterday, so I'll have that going for me.

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