Sunday, March 31, 2013

3 weeks til Blue Ridge

What a week!  It started out with this: The demise of "Grumpy."

I didn't name my car...somebody else did last winter, and it fit so nicely, it stuck.  Grumpy was grumpy, but Grumpy was also a very good little car who got me where I needed to go.  But unfortunately, on Monday morning, Grumpy hit a patch of ice that sent us into the path of oncoming cars, so in the heat of the moment I jerked the wheel in the other direction.  I know jerking the wheel is never a good idea in a skid...but at least I got us out of the path of the oncoming cars.  However, we ended up plowing into a couple of fence-posts instead.  I have to say, Grumpy took good care of me til the end, I came out without a scratch.  The car was declared a total-loss though, so after 5+ years and 61,921 miles, I had to say goodbye.

Running-wise, it hasn't been much of an exciting week.  I ran every day, but didn't get any serious mileage.  I'm having trouble with running shoes right now.  I have 3 pairs, and I don't like any of them.  Very, very, frustrating.  One pair is fine for a few days and then gives me calf cramps/shin splints.  Another pair is fine for a few days and then starts making something in my heel hurt.  The 3rd pair has become my "racing pair" and I can also wear them for training runs, but they just don't feel that great for every-day running.  
Since I'm on spring break this week, (and hopefully buying a new car tomorrow...wish me luck!), I plan on going to Fleet Feet Roanoke and getting fitted for shoes, and getting some input on what shoe will actually work best for me.  I've been buying shoes online for years, but it is just not working right now.  I can't afford all this hit-or-miss stuff when I'm going through 3+ pairs of shoes a year!  It drives me absolutely crazy that every time I find the perfect shoe, it is discontinued.  
(Mizuno Wave Creation 12 was the absolute best shoe ever.  I now have a pair of the Wave Creation 14s and they are ok...but don't even compare.)

This week's training:
M : 5.56 / 39:55 / 7:10
T : 5.56 / 41:14 / 7:24
W : 6.17 / 45:45 / 7:24
R : 4.5 / 33:17 / 7:23 
F : 5.56 / 40:34 / 7:17 
Sa : 7.45 / 57:31 / 7:43
Su : 4.7 / 32:58 / 7:00
total : 39.5 miles

Today's run was cold and rainy, just like the weather the first time I ran the Blue Ridge 1/2 in 2011.  
I'm wearing a shirt right now that says "Life is too short not to run in the rain."  
And it's true.  Can't let a little bit of rain stop you from getting out there and getting in some miles. 
Besides, rain helps me run faster.

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