Sunday, March 24, 2013

Countdown : 4 weeks til BRHM

The Blue Ridge Half Marathon is 4 weeks from yesterday.  I'm looking forward to it, as it's my favorite race.   I would really like to win this year...but the same girl has won for the last two years, and last year she finished in 1:29 which is faster than I have run on flatter we'll see.  I'm not gonna give up before I try!  It would be super amazing if I PRd on a race this hilly!

I unintentionally had lower weekly mileage this week, due to 2 days that I ended up taking off because of a busy schedule.  But I'm not worried about it, my body may not be ready for 40+ miles every single week yet anyways.

M : 3.81 / 35:24 / 9:11 (yikes that was slow!)
T : 9.88 / 1:18:36 / 7:57
W : 5.56 / 41:50 / 7:31
R : off (too busy making chili
F : off (didn't want to get out of bed early...and didn't get home from school til 7)
Sa : 10.86 / 1:29:13 / 8:12
Su : 4.7 / 33:38 / 7:09
total : 34.81

I ran in all kinds of crazy weather this week.  Tuesday the wind was strong enough that it was really hard not to get blown off the road into a ditch.  Wednesday was also windy, although not quite as bad.  Both Tuesday and Wednesday were warm enough to run in shorts (hooray!).  Saturday it was in the 20s when I started my run, and still only low 30s when I finished.  It got quite warm later in the day, but I had to run in the morning because the Chili Cookoff was in the afternoon.  Today's run involved an ice/snow storm.  Yay, fun.  Actually, despite the ice falling from the sky, I was really excited to get out and run today.  I just really, really, wanted to run.  I don't like taking days off.  I was determined to run no matter what the weather today, since I already took 2 days off this week.  

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