Sunday, March 10, 2013

Endurance Building, Week 2

  I finished out last week with a 4.7 mile run on Sunday for a total of 43.85 miles for the week, my highest mileage in a very, very, very, long time.

I had another great mileage week this week with 4 early morning runs and 2 sunshine-y runs on Wednesday and Saturday.  Even better, I had a partner for Monday and Friday's runs.  There's a med-student in town that always runs super early in the morning.  For most of the year, my friends who go to the gym at 5:30 AM have been asking me if I'm the crazy runner-chick running around Fairlea wearing all black every morning.  I've been telling them that no way is that me, I'm sound asleep at that hour.

2 weeks ago, one of my med school friends mentioned to me that he knew a girl who ran early in the mornings who did about the same mileage as me, and he said he would get us in touch with each other.  We got in touch and have run together twice now.  And after a brief conversation, it was confirmed that she is the person people have been mistaking for me.  It is really really nice to have someone to run with in the mornings!  We don't run together every day, because solo runs are good too, so some days we just pass each other in the darkness.  But it definitely helps to have company once in awhile.

M: 7.6 / 1:02:04 / 8:06 (w/CM)
T: 7.2 / 58.22 / 8:06
W: 5.68 / 41:47 / 7:21
R: 6.35 / 52:23 / 8:19
F: 6.59 / 53:50 / 8:10 (w/CM)
S: 8.32 / 1:04:44 / 7:46
Su:  rest day
total: 41.74

I'm pretty proud of myself for not having any run shorter than 5.5 miles this week.  I'd like to get to where I can run 6+ consistently, unless it's a recovery jog a day or two after a race or very long run.  I would really like to do a marathon this year, and it's not going to happen if I can't get my mileage up!

Since I didn't run today, I decided to actually ride my horse for once.  It was awesome.  She was feeling good, and I let her be in charge of the speed.  We had a nice little much fun!

After our ride I let her graze out in the field while I got out my camera and took pictures of ponies.  I am so glad she is being trustworthy again.  Even though she gets turned out in a larger paddock, she always comes to the gate when she sees me, and she doesn't try to run away when I interrupt her grazing out in the big field either.  Maybe she has finally, finally, figured out that we can both be a lot happier if I trust her...and she gets a lot more grass this way, cause I don't have to stand there holding onto her the whole time!

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