Saturday, January 19, 2013

Recovery Jog

Today : 4.7 / 36:09 / 7:41
Week : 18.53

Thursday evening I had my legs massaged to release the tension.  So painful, but so worth it.  I took yesterday off to let them rest, and went for an easy jog today.  Pain free, hooray!  Wore my newest mizunos and didn't have any shin splints or calf cramps, so that was really nice.  There's still some ice on the roads from Thursday's snowstorm so that helped keep my pace slow as well.  It felt good to get outside, breathe the fresh air, and stretch my legs.  I've been mostly hiding out inside since I'm not such a fan of cold weather. (Yesterday I had to scrape 5 inches of snow off my car in order to go to school for a few hours and catch up on work.  Yuck. I should have gone to school to get the work before the snow fell...)

I'm hoping for another easy jog tomorrow.  I'm letting this be a low mileage week but Monday I plan to start 2 weeks of high mileage to prepare for the half marathon coming up 3 weeks from today.  Should be a lot more enjoyable now that my legs don't hurt.

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