Sunday, January 20, 2013

Watch malfunction?

Today : 4.82 / 34:16 / 7:06
Week : 23.35

It was almost 40 degrees out today, and sunny.  Gorgeous, actually.  And it felt pretty warm after the some of the frigid-ness we've been experiencing.  I felt good, wasn't just jogging, but wasn't really pushing the pace either.  So I came home, mapped the run, and dailymile told me I ran a 7:06 pace.  SAY WHAT? Usually that pace means I'm pushing really hard, and I feel like I'm flying around town.  While I did feel great, I did not feel like I was going particularly fast.  Which begs the questions...did I really go that fast and  feel that good?  Or did my watch malfunction and I actually ran longer than 34:16?  I'll probably never know...

Anyway, wrapping up the week...Only 23 miles this week, but 39 last week and 32 the week before, so I'm fine with that.  23 is not bad, especially after 2 higher mileage weeks.  Plus my calves needed an easier week.  I am excited to get back to high mileage starting tomorrow though.  I sincerely hope that the weather cooperates!

I'm getting excited for the 1/2 coming up.  I've had quite a few training runs in the last few weeks that were under a 7:15 pace.  I'm thinking that bodes well for a good finishing time!

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